Well-Informed Citizens

Our "Great American Experiment" is in danger of imminent, catastrophic failure. Here you will find the work of the foot-soldiers of the American Patriot Movement who have demonstrated their willingness to act in defense of Inherent Individual Rights, Liberty and Self-Determination. Please give the content of these pages serious consideration and and their authors, your support.

The Men and Women and their Work presented in these pages are distinguished by their subject competence and fidelity to the principles of American Liberty for our self-governing Free Society of free Men and Women. The combined efforts of these Patriots are the core of our emerging processes to defend what remains and to restore what has been lost.

The views, priorities and opinions presented here are as varied as our Citizens and states. Your total agreement is not a requirement. However, our mutual Liberty demands that we put aside our individual preferences
, if possible and for just the moment, so that we may find agreement in the essential elements of individual Rights and Liberty upon which we can cooperate for our mutual self-determination and to re-secure command of our governing powers and institutions.

I include myself among these Patriots, who, like John Hancock in 1776, let our conduct and names boldly demonstrate to our adversaries that we fear them not and that we shall prevail as Free Men and Women. These are but a small number of like Patriots. Your recommendations are requested.

Henry Nicolle

Ed Vieira

Dave Champion

Bob Schultz

Larry Becraft

Tommy Cryer

Jon Roland