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October 2010
Well-Informed Citizens
Dave Champion BustDave Champion's New Book
A timely challenge to a defiant bureaucracy!

Income Tax: Shattering the Myths - A step-by-step analysis of US Tax Law and Rebuttal of Conventional Misinterpretation. Ignorant and Stupid are similar at first glance, but very different in the end. The ignorant can be educated, thus relieved. Stupid can't be fixed. Fortunately, stupid is self-limiting. Dave's book will relieve the common popular ignorance of the income tax fraud. Learn how, today.

Dave Champion's Custom Combat Model 1911!      Available Now!
Affectionately and Appropriately named "Molon Labe" (Spartans - "Come and Take Them"), Dave's new Special Limited Edition .45 caliber pistol is available for a very limited time from Ed Brown, gunmaker. This weapon has been only slightly modified from the 1911 we all know and love. The modifications improve performance and reliability, providing a dependable sidearm for daily carry and use. Not a coin-collector's toy.  Now is the time to order.  
March, 2010
Fitness, Exercise, Health, Well-Being

Products for Aquatic Fitness
    Aquacise! Swim-in-Place Tethers
A very popular coiled tether for aerobic, non-impact exercise in your swimming pool or spa. Used by swimmers and Aquacise enthusiasts for whole-body exercise and fitness. If you are recuperating or building strength and stamina, a fitness swimmer or an Olympic and Triathlete performance swimmer, an Aquacise Coiled Swim Tether is a great performance accessory. The tether is light-weight, rugged and works Great!